The Snappy Kind of an Introduction

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift is the latest labor of love from Dragon Dawn Productions. It is our brave vision of where the dungeon crawl board game genre could and should be headed in the future... Shortly put, it is a game that does a number of things in a very different manner than the rest of them.


What should you expect from Perdition's Mouth then?

Unique and elegant mix of euro-style mechanics and time-honed dungeon crawling goodness is a combination which puts the game in its own category.

Everybody plays together against the board… and the board is armed with zealots that make you wonder where goes the line between a human and a bug. And well… bugs. Big vicious demonic bugs. Some of them even like the enter the board through a chest of a hero, Alien-style. No joke.

If you a seasoned player would have to describe the gameplay of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift with two words, those words would be ‘tactical’ and ‘brutal’. That is, if the players don’t want to get tactical or fail at it, the game gets brutal.

However, if the brutality mentioned under ‘Challenging’ is too much or not enough for you, you’ve got options. The game has several tweakable elements for customizing the experience for the tastes of, for example, younger players. Or on the opposite side of the spectrum, the hardcorest of the hardcore who spit in Death’s eye, proceed to steal its robe, scythe, and the pale mare, and live to brag about it.

The lead designer, Timo, might have gotten his masterplans ruined by unlucky dice rolls more than once. Or something.

Regardless, Perdition’s Mouth doesn’t use any dice. Instead, the random numbers are generated with cards, and that’s arguably a good thing. In addition to that, most of the time you may play more cards to nullify the effect of luck either partially or completely, this more or less makes the players the masters of their own fate. However…

… you only have a limited amount of cards in your hand at any given time, which means that you’ve got to consume your resources smatly. The heroes execute a majority of their skills from a deck of cards that cycles around, this adds oodles of depth to decision making.

Every turn of Perdition’s Mouth is powered by a rondel (action wheel) mechanic. Lenghty article could be written on the reasons why this is awesome, but here’s two:

  • It is very novel!
  • Every turn is a world of opening and closing options, but not to the extent of being a certain way to analysis-paralysis. Candy for the thinking gamers!

Most games work with hitpoints, and the only hitpoint that really matters is the last one. In Perdition’s Mouth, the wounds are treated as part of the character development, very much the same way as the loot and rescuing victims are. Both the good stuff and missing fingers, infected wounds, concussions, and other occupational hazards manifest themselves as cards which build the heroes’ card decks during the game. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Of course, this is but a collection of relatively short blurps of what Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift has to offer. If you want to learn more, consider the following:

  • Indepth introduction to Perdition’s Mouth (with pictures!)
  • Catweazles How to Play – Perdition’s Mouth video series
  • Reviews, both written and audiovisual, in several languages

Or if this was enough and you’re screaming at the screaming things along the lines of “TAKE MY MONEY!” or “I NEED THIS, NOW!”, there’s of course:

Dungeon crawl, co-operative
Dark fantasy, horror
Play time:
30 - 180 minutes
1 - 6

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