Dragon Dawn Productions

Dragon Dawn Productions

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Dragon Dawn Productions (DDP) is a Finnish game design studio. We have widely varying internationally backed design teams trying to fulfill the visions of Timo Multamäki.

DDP is part of Multamäki family owned Dawn Matrix Corporation and regularly presents new theatre plays by Tiinaliisa Multamäki. When time permits, Dawn matrix does also do pyrotechnical research, which has lead to a patented innovation of low-energy flame thrower. We will be publishing a separate site about Ecoflame within 2015 with video links. A teaser pic below.


low-energy flame thrower
Picture by Janne Käpylehto, actress Havu Palviainen.


Arctic Union

Arctic Union logo

DDP is part of Arctic Union, theco-operative of Finnish board game designers, which was founded by a few innovative designers including Timo on 2010 to create a brand for Finnish board game design, in a similar fashion as has happened in digital gaming world. Since then the Arctic Union has steadily grown. We recommend that you’ll join to Arctic Union’s monthly newsletter from here.

Arctic Union consist currently of ever expanding group of active board game designers. We are aiming to establish a presence in the key events of the board gaming scene in EU and USA.

You can reach Arctic Union at info@arcticunion.net by email.