Everyone on the development and production teams worked very hard to make the game perfect. Unfortunately things never seem to quite work out that way, so mistakes were made and misprints happened. Here we will try to address any and all issues with the printed materials that affect gameplay.

(updated November 6, 2016 – work in progress)


P4“The Enemy” should be indexed to page 30, not page 29

P7Place an enemy marker onto the Start action spoke should be Place both enemy markers onto the Start action spoke.

P9 – Hero Symbol: NOTE: Every hero has their own symbol.

P12 – The Discard Pile sidebar should read:
After you play or discard a hero card, put it face up on top of your own discard pile. Discards are only shuffled back into your deck as part of a Rest action.
Only the top card should be visible. Players may not look through any discard pile.

P12 – Under “Play a Move…”:  the second line reference should read: (see The Stone of Destiny, p16)

P16 – Special – the second item should read: You may play special hero cards before and/or after the ability on your hero sheet.

P18 –  Sidebar – under “Does not Block Movement”: Should include open doors and portcullises

P18 –  Threatened Squares Illustration: Olazábal is figure (1) and Boneworm is figure (A)

P26 – Under Movement Priority, the second sentence of the final paragraph should read:

Move every Rotikka first (the smallest Insectoids), beginning with the Rotikka closest to a hero.

P26 – Sidebar – under “Abyssal Rift Acting Order” should have Rotikka listed first, followed by Boneworm

P27 – Blessing Sidebar – The explanation should read:
Give the blessing token to the blessed figure. Blessed figures are immune to any and all Special attacks, such as poison and double attack. Only one figure may have the blessing token at a time.

P34 – Gameplay example section, the second to last paragraph on page should end with “This easily beats Olazábal’s 1 (Defense).”


2 – Rubble Room

Space K6 should have the 4-point terrain modifier symbol on it, the same as G6. Space L6 should not have any terrain modifier symbol on it. It appears the cultists moved the symbol at the printer’s in an attempt to sow confusion.


Scenario 1b

The Set Up section for Acolytes should read:
3 Acolytes (10H, 4H, 9K)

Scenario 3a

The Hard Rules section should read:
Feeding Time: On the two first enemy move actions, all Insectoids will move towards dead victims at 14F.

Scenario 3b

The Hard Rules section should read:
Playtime: At the beginning of every enemy turn, add 1 Rotikka at 11A. They’re there to play with the Heroes, be they dead or alive. First use Rotikkas from the Dead Enemy Pool.

Scenario 3c

Special – The section on Acolytes should read:
Acolytes on this level do not begin alert and will only start acting once one of the portcullises has been opened or broken OR once any cultist has line of sight to any Hero.

Set up: should list 3 portcullises (green)

Scenario 8b

The section “Blood Pool” should read:

Blood Pool: When enemies die within 3 (range) of 10I, place them aside into a special “Blood Pool” (instead of the Dead Enemy Pool). On every primary spawn action, the Demon will raise all dead enemies that are in the “Blood Pool” with full health. These enemies spawn as close to 10I as possible.

Scenario W1 (Witches Grotto expansion)

The Set Up should list:
Aisha waits at J1.


Backstab (HF13, Kickstarter only)

There are two icons missing from the card. It should read:

You must attack an enemy that is [range] 1 to another hero.
That enemy adds another [response card] to it’s [defense].
Your attack deals 2 [wounds] if successful.
(If played as a [special] you make a special attack with this card.)