At times we manage to produce something that we don’t have the patience to keep to ourselves until the next (almost) monthly newsletter. When that happens, this is where you will hear about that.

Monthly newsletters

What’s with the “almost” within the previous paragraph? Yeah… There is a recorded case of somebody (wasn’t me) forgetting to post the monthly newsletter. See if you’re able to spot the missing newsletter. Managed to do that already? Well then, congratulations! You’ve won yourself a toothbrush!*

*you may or may not, according to your own free will, claim your prize in exchange for an appropriate sum of currency from your nearest market, toothbrush boutique, or another place where they sell oral hygiene instruments that can be without extensive use of imagination be classified and referred to as “toothbrush”. In practice this means that you didn’t win anything. I lied. Sorry. Don’t hit me. :(
Yours truly