Previous products

Notable other contributions to gaming scene:

  • Black Hat (2015)
  • Phantom League (2010-2012)
    • The 2nd edition of Phantom League will be adapted to the Singularity Sky universe, ​as ​we have signed a deal with Mr. Charles Stross about adapting Phantom League to his Singularity Sky universe.
    • So, the 2nd version of Phantom League will be called “Singularity Sky” and we will adapt the flavor texts to fit that universe. This is a task where you can help. If you’re a fan of Stross and would like to help us, do contact us!
    • As I see this development, we have a game that I originally developed to capture the feeling that “Elite” as C­64/Amiga/PC game introduced in mid 80’s. I built that on an imaginary universe, which I modeled based on existing scifi books I liked and adding bit of movie influences in the soup. Now, one of the sci­fi authors that inspired the whole setting is in our team. Wow. I think that is inspiring!
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    • Currently virtually sold out. We have a few copies left in USA, Europe is totally sold out.
  • Zanziar (2008)
    • Sold out. Fantasy strategy/adventure game for 2-6 players.
  • Dragonbane the Legacy (2008) — A book about LARP which turned out to be larger than life. Dragonbane took place in Älvdalen, Sweden, 2006.
  • Dragonbane the LARP (2003-2006)
  • Roulin’ Moose LARP (2003)